Past Issues:

To Spend or Not to Spend

The talk this year is the economy. We all hear it, and perhaps wish people would stop talking about it. Some tell us to save our money, others say we have to improve consumer confidence and spend. How can we have confidence when we read every day about downward spirals and falling markets?

Should we really stop spending? The fact is, it is not about if we spend but how we spend our money. We will be making more careful decisions and looking for good value.
During this holiday season, we can get the most out of our shopping dollars by shopping
locally. Shopping at local stores helps us avoid overspending on cheap products and makes each of our purchases a special gift.  Shopping locally is easier and you get more personalized service, unique products and more enjoyment. Shopping and gift giving is as much for the giver as the receiver so make sure it brings joy both ways.

And in the end, that is what it is all about. Bringing a bit of joy into our lives, and the lives around us.