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Topping your “95 Summer Days”

georgianBay12hongDSC_0099From June 1 to the end of Labour Day, we’ve got 95 glorious days of summer to enjoy – that’s three months of hot days, warm evenings, dining al fresco on a patio and picnics on the beach. This time, however, can go by quickly.

Is there something you have always wanted to do each summer but just keep missing it every year? Put it on the TOP of your list before too many summer days get away from you.
Make a simple plan to get the most of your summer. It doesn’t have to be elaborate – remember, summer is about relaxing and slowing down. If you write down at least 2 or 3 things you want to get done in the next 95 days, by the time Labour Day comes around, you won’t be saying, “where did the time go?” but instead, “wasn’t that a great summer!”
Maybe it’s a garden project, like a new patch of flowers or vegetables. Or an item you’d like to add to your balcony, backyard, or patio—a tree house for the kids, a new planter, a simple bench or other creative projects such as painting or photography. You may have something more practical in mind, like repaint those old chairs or finally cleaning up the garage.

Others choose to set aside a couple of books they want to read. Don’t start with a long list—pick something serious and something light and you’ll be sure to get through both at a relaxed pace.

Fotolia_4095684_Subscription_XLOr is there someplace you wanted to visit, like a park you haven’t seen or a beach downtown that’s new? There are lots of outdoor performances in the summer. Maybe this year you can check out the many music festivals and outdoor theatre such as the Dream in High Park. Others will choose to travel to visit family or friends far away, perhaps a friend you haven’t seen in many years.

Whatever you pick, try and make it something that takes advantage of the longer days, fresh food, vacation time, and most of all, the relaxed nature of summertime.
You’ll end your summer feeling refreshed and satisfied and saying to yourself, “This was the best summer yet!”

So, what’s on your list this summer?