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Travel Fashion

summerFashionEver wonder how celebrities emerge from an airplane looking fabulous? No doubt, they have a team of stylists and likely a steam iron on board so they emerge picture perfect. This is not how most of us travel, but it is possible to look good and,
at the same time, feel comfortable and prepared wherever you go.

Check out these great fashion tips!

Quality not quantity: Travel fashion calls for quality items, not quantity. You want pieces that keep their shape and feel good to wear. One great shirt that goes with everything and is made out of “breathable” fabric is better than several cheaper tops.

Layers: To prepare for temperature changes, you need layers. Always pack a long sleeve t-shirt or turtleneck in a neutral colour that can easily be worn under whatever you’re wearing. If it’s not too tight, and has a flattering neckline so can also wear it on its own.

A bit of luxury: A silk camisole (women) or short sleeve quality white v-neck t-shirt (men) is a must. You can add a jacket with some jewelry to turn daytime into evening.

Fitted Pants with Stretch: Don’t be a baggy tourist, with slouchy pants, a slouchy bag and over-sized jacket. Pack at least one pair of elastane-blend stretch-denim pants or tailored stretch dark pants.

Tailor it: Always bring a structure jacket or tailored cardigan that’s neutral, for added style. Pick a fabric that doesn’t wrinkle so you can shove it under seats or into a carry-on bag. Leather is ideal, perhaps a moto or bomber jacket because you can dress it up or down. A tailored trench coat is another good choice.

Flashy accessory: With all the neutrals, pack something that’s bright, perhaps patterned, that can dress up an outfit, such as a scarf, vest, shawl or tie.

Footwear: Pack shoes you’ve already road-tested and know to be comfortable. Avoid scruffy footwear – it makes the difference between looking put together or looking like a tourist. Good choices include dark sneakers, boots, loafers/ballet flats.

Dress-it-up: If you have space, consider a sleeveless dark dress that can also be a tunic (women); for men, a tie.

Colours – Pick a neutral pallet, e.g. black and white; taupe and navy; beige, black and white.

Fabrics – Great travel clothes are cotton/polyester blends that don’t wrinkle; cashmere that always looks good and holds its shape, silk that can be folded into small spaces and adds flare, and fabrics with some spandex or elastane.

Hat – A great idea for sun and rain protection. Pick one that can be “crushed” into a bag. Make sure it’s one you love so you know you’ll wear it.

Signature Jewelry – One or two great pieces give you style wherever you go. Consider a single gold chain or bangle, a great watch, or stud earrings (gold, silver or pearl).

Other Considerations:

  • Look for pockets: You’ll need them to store phones, glasses, boarding passes, maps, etc. Velcro®, zippered and hidden secret pockets are great if you want to avoid pickpockets.
  • For tops: Pick thinner fabrics that can be washed and dried easily.
  • For sunny climates: Look for UPF Certified sun protection built into the fabric.