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Travel Tips for Smart Vacations

8It’s that time of year when many travel. It could be a winter ski holiday, spring break, a couple of weeks get-away to a tropical island, or a couple of months in the sunny south. Regardless of where you are headed, remember these tips for preparing ahead of your time away, as well as once you’re on the road or in the air!

Getting ready for a trip

  • Clean the refrigerator: use up, give away or toss perishable food.
  • Empty trash (especially kitchen garbage). If you have green bin trash that can’t be left outside, freeze in a thick garbage bag until your return.
  • Unplug appliances and electric devices that aren’t connected to surge protectors.
  • Manage your mail. Either ask the post office to save mail until your return, or make sure someone is collecting mail while you’re gone.
  • Give your home or apartment that lived in look:
    • Make sure flyers are cleared from the front door
    • Arrange for snow to be shoveled, and ice melter to be spread on front walkways when needed
    • Park your car in the driveway or offer the space to a neighbour
    • Tell your neighbours on either side that you are away so they are alert to anything suspicious.
    • Consider using various gadgets to protect your home. These include simple leak lock and leak sensor devices and timers for lights as well as more complex security apps with sensors and alarms.

General travel prep tips

  • Scan or print copies of passport and credit cards and leave in a safe place at home so that someone can retrieve them for you if needed.
  • Take all prescriptions with you in their original packaging so you have the RX numbers. Write the RX numbers on a separate list (or stored on your cell phone) so you can renew them while away if needed.
  • Pack your own mobile chargers.
  • Consider a roaming package for your phone while you are away. Otherwise, you could suddenly be paying a high fee once you’ve left the country.
  • Travel with at least one extra pair of shoes. Sore feet can ruin a lovely trip!
  • Call your credit card companies to tell them where you are travelling. Otherwise, you could find yourself with a card that’s temporarily blocked.
  • Leave your contact info with a friend or relative
  • If flying, check carry on baggage sizes of the airline you’re using (not all are the same!)
  • Taking photos with your phone? Make sure you’ve got a backup device or cloud option so you’ve got lots of storage!