Past Issues:

Valentine Promise Cards

Kids of all ages can make these special valentines that offer something special with the “I love you.” Write Promise Valentines to special people in your life using blank gift cards or coloured paper.  You might want to create handwritten notes wrapped up in gift boxes, or attach your promises to a flower or a helium balloon!

Adult “Promise” Valentines

  • Movie night together without the kids.
  • A batch of fudge brownies.
  • Meet-up/Zoom on with friends to share some laughter.
  • A glass of wine by the fire.

Kid “Promise” Valentines

  • Shovel snow.
  • Make a dessert for dinner.
  • Tidy the playroom.
  • Breakfast in bed for mom.
  • A visit to grandma on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Help your brother with his homework.