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Wardrobe Renovations – Open your closet before your wallet

Woman looking at clothingBefore you head out to hunt for new pieces for your spring wardrobe, renovate it first. Decide what you are going to keep, recycle or enjoy once more.

  1. Clean up your closet and storage areas. If clothes and shoes are showing too much wear, let them go. It’s too easy to stuff old, ill-fitting underwear and lingerie in drawers.  Make room for something new and fresh, you’ll feel great.
  2. When you clean out your closet, you’ll be surprised to find some clothes you love, but have been forgotten. If you don’t see them, you won’t wear them.
  3. Haven’t worn something in a year? Keep looking at it but putting it back, hoping one day it will fit you again? Probably time to say goodbye.
  4. Don’t keep things for the wrong reasons. Sentimental, high price, it was a gift etc. The best test is put it on and ask yourself, “how do I feel?” If it makes you feel really good, then keep it.
  5. Great deal but not your style? Then it’s not really a great deal. Remember, once you’ve donated it, someone else will get the pleasure of wearing it and the money won’t be wasted after all.
  6. Shoes worn, missing heals? Badly scuffed? Good shoes are worth repairing, but cheap shoes should be tossed.