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What Story Will You Tell

Dear readers and neighbourhood friends:

There is no doubt everyone has a story from these recent times, and it is easy to share with each other since everyone was in it. Likely, your story will be shared with future generations, but what story do you tell and how do you tell it? 

To ensure you have a good story, one that is worth sharing and remembering, think of what has impacted you and your surroundings the most. What has changed you, your thoughts and actions. Do you have more appreciation to some things that you may have overlooked before? And, what matters to you more now than ever before?

My personal observations and experiences can be summed up by the words below. Though I must admit the biggest realization is none of them are new to anyone, they have always been part of our lives, just not always at the forefront as they are today. Would you agree?

  1. Kindness to others 
  2. Giving more to people you know have less
  3. Understanding others and their situation
  4. Sharing with someone who is not close to us
  5. Acceptance to an unwanted and inconvenient situation
  6. Creative thinking and utilizing personal skills
  7. Patience with line-ups and wait-times
  8. Good manners in undesired situations
  9. New skills learned
  10. The list goes on… 

What’s on top of your list? Can you compose your story around them? A good heartfelt and memorable story not only documents a piece of history, but it shares your positive outcome with future generations. 

We look forward to hearing some of your stories (email us: info@beachesliving.ca). We may share them with our readers in future editions or online. 

Happy Summer! 

Hong Zhao
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