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What’s in a Name this Father’s Day

fathersonThis Father’s Day, why not take the time to talk with your family about some family traditions, stories from the past, interesting ancestors. It can be a great time for both fathers and grandfathers to contribute to the “memory bank” of family history. You can even involve children ahead of time by having them think up a question each to ask.

  • Who was I named after, and who were you named after (and why)?
  • Do we have anyone “famous” in our family or someone who might have been around when something memorable happened (for example, what were you doing when Canada celebrated its 100th birthday in 1967?)
  • Do we have a family crest? Most don’t, but why not create your own? If we had a family crest, what three symbols would we include on it?
  • Has anyone checked on websites such as to find out about our family name or history? Share what you found out.
  • What was the first song you ever heard that you remember liking?