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What’s Your Personal Harvest? Planting seeds today for a bountiful tomorrow

9401625_ml“Today is your tomorrow”

During the fall, farmers are reminded of how much their hard work and faith have given them their bountiful harvest.

In our everyday lives, we also “harvest” what we sew, in good and not so good ways. We have to have faith that we can create a tomorrow that is brighter, healthier, more enjoyable and rewarding for ourselves and others. And even though some events we can’t avoid, there are many factors we can control, from the smallest actions to big changes such as things, careers, wealth and joys of life.

The Steering wheel of your own life

Think about how you live your life up until now and ask yourself, what can I do today, to harvest a better tomorrow?

Sow the seed for the things you desire. Mind it, prune it, nurture it and within a given time, just like every farmer, you will reap your own harvest. Be sure to expect some or a lot of hard work.

Here are some ideas to help you think big and believe that almost everything is possible.

What is your personal Harvest?

Health: everyone knows without good health, nothing else matters.

Ditch bad habits: for example, if you know smoking is not good for you, why haven’t you quit?

De-clutter: your physical and personal space. Your home, at work, your time – have too many things to fit in? Set a goal and plan, one day at a time, one place at a time, one thing at a time.

Relationships: Like gardens, relationships need to be cultivated.

Career: what is your ideal job? For example, you may be a teacher today, but have always wanted to be a pilot. If so, plant the seed now, and make a plan for the harvest.

Wealth: financially and well-being: successful people do not get rich over night, such as Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates.

Success in your own way: everyone is unique and so are their goals. Sow your seeds today and reap your harvest tomorrow.

Be kind on yourself

Sometimes our harvest may not go as planned. Like farming, some things are out of our control and sometimes we make wrong choices. Probably the most important lesson of the harvest is that there is always next year.

Live for today and tomorrow, learn from your mistakes and prepare for the next harvest.