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Winter “Stay in” Evenings

After the holidays, many are trying to save some money and avoid going too far on a cold, dark evening. How about a Games Night for family and/or neighbouring friends? It’s surprising how quickly a fun board or card game takes your mind off work and other worries. And best of all, “Stay In” evenings costs very little and are guaranteed to be fun.

  • Make it clear that the invitation is for after dinner, but will include snacks or if you want, dessert.
  • Invite guests to contribute by bring a snack, a dessert, pop or a case of beer etc.
  • Pick either one game that everyone can play, or set up 2 or 3 game stations, depending on how many you are inviting.
  • Provide dollar store prizes or just print off some fun certificates from your computer to give to winners.
  • Put someone in charge of each game so that they are the one that explains the rules and helps if someone needs assistance.
  • Stock up on paper and pens for keeping score.
  • Set a time limit, perhaps 1½ hours so that everyone knows when the games will be over. Whoever is winning at that time is declared the winner.

Board Games that don’t need a lot of Instruction:
Trivial Pursuit; Pictionary; Cranian; Apples to Apples

Games for those who like a challenge:
Scrabble; Boggle; Taboo

Classic card games:
Euchre; Hearts; Crazy Eights