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Warm-up Your Mood Through Style

RedCoatwithBlacktrimCanadians are in love with their coats! No wonder, with the kind of weather we get. One day it could be raining, the next day snow, then a drop to below freezing temperatures.
Today’s choices for men and women include styles and colours beyond just black and grey. Brighten up your mood with a coat of a different colour! Make a great first impression when you enter a room wearing a stylish coat. Pick the right coat for the right weather and you’ll enjoy going outside!

According to today’s stylists, each of us should have three coats as we go into winter.

Must Haves:

Something really warm: For cold and windy days, sitting in hockey rinks or waiting for a bus, you need to stay warm from head to toe. Down and shearling are your best choices in a parka or puffy coat. Look for coats that close snuggly around the neck, sleeves that hug your wrists and if possible, a hood.

A lighter weight, short (above the knee) style: For moderate weather, or wearing when you’re in and out of a shopping mall, a car, walking a short distance or spending time on transit.  There are many styles available: a traditional pea jacket, car coat, duffle coat, light weight ski jacket or leather moto coat.

Something bright and fun: Brighten your day and mood with a statement coat, like a bright wrap-around style, cape, plaid jacket, trendy military jacket or fake fur. There are many choices today in coloured cashmere, felt and wool blends, from winter white, electric blue, pink, yellow, green, as well as patterns, checks and trendy plaids.

YellowParcaAnd If You Want More Than Three Coats….

For formal or work wear: A long, tailored overcoat, usually in black, grey or camel. The styles are timeless. One will last you for years. Could be in cashmere or leather. Many come with optional fur/fake fur collars or cuffs.

Sports specific: Depending on your outdoor activities, there are great choices in fleece and insulated jackets to keep you at the right temperature, whether you are skiing or hiking.

Dual purpose: Shell jackets in a variety of weather resistant fabrics and colour can be layered over fleece and insulated jackets when needed, or worn on their own. These are a must for outdoor activities and come in fabulous choices of bright colours and patterns.