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Winter Day Project: Time for a Refresh

Many find themselves spending more time indoors during the winter. What better time than to take on a home project. You could set aside a few hours on Saturday, or stretch the project out for a week or two. Depending on time and budget, here are some ideas for a room refresh that gives your home, and yourself, a refresh!

Easy Update

A room or space in your home can take on a new look simply by updating or switching out some of the accessories. Set a budget and have some fun!

  • Buy something new that introduces a different colour or a fresher look: bath towels and shower curtain for a bathroom; a set of tea towels, pot holders, and placemats for a kitchen; a couple of new toss pillows and throw blanket for a family room.
  • Replace a picture on the wall with something different.
  • Remove all the extra “décor” (knick-knacks, figurines, mementos) and then just put back one or two favourites.
  • Replace a lampshade or a scatter rug in an entrance way or hall.
  • Change your duvet cover and pillow shams in a bedroom.
  • Re-arrange the furniture, ask yourself, is there one piece I don’t need? 
  • Add a vase of fresh flowers.

Mid-size Redecorate

This might take a couple of days because you’ll have a bit of work to do at home, and then some shopping to finish the job.

  • Repaint one wall a new colour, or use some of the new peel and stick wallpaper for an entirely new look
  • Remove, or replace, a floor rug.
  • Using a staple gun, replace the fabric on a couple of side chairs (pick chairs that have seats that can easily be removed, covered and replaced. 
  • Create (or re-do) a photo wall using frames that are all the same design.
  • Repurpose an area to create a sitting nook, or a small office space, or a place to exercise. This may require a new piece of furniture, or switching a piece from another area of your home.

A Big Re-Do

These are projects that may take a month, beginning to end, but have big impact in terms of making a change in your home.

  • Replace a bathroom or kitchen countertop with one in quartz or granite.
  • Remove a wall-to-wall rug and just go with polished floors.
  • Re-do the lighting: what lamps need to be added/removed? Is there an overhead light that is too bright? Are there areas that need direct lighting?
  • Repaint the room in a new colour.
  • Re-do the window coverings, e.g. switch to blinds instead of curtains, or change the fabric on the curtains.
  • Add moulding to walls, and cornices.
  • Re-finish, or repaint, 1 or 2 pieces of worn furniture.
  • Ask yourself, is there something I can remove, such as an inside door, or replace a couple of kitchen cabinet doors with glass doors.