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Winter Maintenance Checklist – All ‘Round Winter Protection

WinterMaintenanceCanadian winters are harsh, whether or not we experience extreme cold, snow, sleet or just long periods of cold, grey skies. In fact, it’s the variations in the temperatures that are particularly hard on cars, homes, even our health. No one wants to be ill-prepared. Check out these tips:


  • Replace furnace filters for energy efficiency and to prevent wear and tear on the furnace fan
  • Turn off any outdoor water lines and disconnect hoses
  • Keep a supply of ice melter on hand for sidewalks and walkways
  • Clean out dryer vents
  • Store at least one snow shovel at the back door
  • Waterproof leather boots and outdoor shoes.


  • Get a flu shot
  • Wash your hands as often as possible to protect yourself from winter cold and flu germs
  • When you don’t get enough sun exposure, mood and energy tend to fluctuate. Meeting with friends, enjoying “me” time and meditating are all wonderful ways to keep yourself healthy and happy.
  • Switch to “richer” skin creams for face and body to protect from the cold and the indoor dry heat
  • Consider winter “vitamins” now that fresh fruits and vegetables are no longer in season.


  • Make sure your car has its winter tires
  • In your truck, store a shovel, snow brush, scraper, extra anti-freeze a bag of sand or kitty litter in case you get stuck
  • Make sure you battery is in good condition and windshield wipers working
  • Keep an extra hat, gloves and energy bar in your car for emergencies
  • If traveling any distance, pack an emergency blanket, candles, a flare and spare batteries for flashlights.


  • Quilted shell jackets and vests stuffed with insulating fill or feathers, will protect you against winter’s cold weather
  • Consider a pair lined gloves in cashmere or wool for regular cold days, and a pair lined in shearling or fur for when the temperature drops below minus 8 Celsius
  • Best practice, wool not cotton and dress in layers
  • Boots and shoes with deep treads to protect you from slipping on ice.