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Yesterday’s Sweaters Today’s Comfort

Sweaters are hotter than ever this season and it seems, the crazier the print, the more popular the sweater. Knitted sweaters, dresses and cardigans are perfect for fall and winter. They keep us warm, with choices of wool, cotton, and synthetic blends, and help us look stylish.

The sweater-look doesn’t end at cardigans. Look for sweater-style dresses, knitted vests of all shapes and lengths, knitted hats with pompoms, crocheted scarves, bulky knitted mitts, outdoor knit-style coats, even purses and bags with cable-knit elements!

Check out these knitted favourites for winter 2012/13!

Cable Knits
Cable knit sweaters were originally made to help keep fishermen warm and dry. Then the cable knit sweater became the main component of the male “preppy look”. The style is back again, for men and woman. Cable knits are showing up on every thing from dresses, sweaters and cardigans to bags and toques.

Printed sweater
Fashionable graphic sweaters are everywhere, many with close up animal faces, animal prints, symbols like hearts and birds, and classic polka dots. Some even feature city skylines like Chicago and New York, or other recognizable patterns like the favourite Hudson Bay blanket!

Unlike those cutsey Christmas sweaters, today’s sweaters-with-a-picture are sophisticated and stylish. They also say something about what’s important to the person wearing the sweater!

Fake fur
Fake fur is EVERYWHERE. All the stylish sweaters and vests this season come with a little faux fur trim. Many of the collars are removable for “two looks” (and easy washing). Some have fur woven right into the weave. Look for fur-trimmed shawls and wraps that add both glamour and coziness!