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What’s your HIGHLIGHT of the Year?

HightYellowShining a Light on Your 2015 Successes

As you approach the end of 2015, take some time to recall the highlights of this year. Pull out the happy times, the small steps forward, those things you remember with a smile, even if it has not all been good, and write them down. Taking time to recall and appreciate a highlight, a success, actually leads to further success. Acknowledging successes and drawbacks, from 2015 or even over your life, is a powerful exercise.

If you are starting to think about your 2016 New Year’s resolution, why not start to build on your personal highlights of 2015 or earlier in life?

Big or small, what were the events, the words, and the thoughts that made a positive difference in your life these past 12 months?

Personal Achievements: perhaps you learned a new skill, tried something you’d never done before, gained more confidence cooking, speaking or using technology, worked on a skill such as a sport or musical endeavor

Events: did you celebrate an anniversary, attend a family celebration, retire, or perhaps achieve a certain milestone. Maybe your grandchild started school, or you passed a drivers’ test, or your team made it to the finals.

Life transitions: No doubt, many of you made it through a major life change, good or not so good. You celebrated a marriage or went through a difficult break-up, survived losing a job or got a new one, moved into a new home, graduated or returned to school. Whatever the transition, just getting through it is a reason to give yourself a hug and acknowledge the achievement.

Personal mindset: These are the kinds of successes that only you know you’ve achieved. Perhaps you’ve tried some mediation, took time to mend a difficult relationship, finally let go and forgave someone for a past wrong or opened our heart to someone new in your life. Changing your mindset is a major success even though it may seem small to you.

Moving into 2016
Once you’ve made your list, think about what you can build on as you move into the New Year. By highlighting past successes, or even failures, you can see how powerful they can be in your life. Make celebrating a regular event for any occasion such as a team soccer game, getting a new dog, the first day of summer, etc.  Celebrate often with family, friends or simply treat yourself.

So, what are your highlights from this year? What did you learn?
What will you take with you, going forward?

“We do not remember days.We remember moments.”
Cesare Pavese,Italian poet