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What food says holidays to you?

Think about it. What delectable smell from the kitchen instantly tells you that holidays are around the corner? What taste immediately takes you back to when you were a child watching your mother cook in the kitchen?

It’s why many of us haul out those old family recipes from years ago to make our favourite holiday treat. It may be something you always enjoyed while preparing your home, or a meal reserved only for New Year’s day. Some favourites have become standard, for example, who can think of Christmas time without eggnog and fruit cake, a flute of champagne instantly says New Year’s Eve, latkes says Passover.

Depending on your background and traditions, Toronto offers a wide range of “holiday” tastes, such as Italian panettone bread, Greek melomakarona cookies, Japanese soba noodles on New Year’s Eve or red lentils, Brazilian style, to bring luck for New Year’s celebrations.

Beaches Life asked some friends, “what food or beverage immediately says holidays to you?” Although gingerbread and shortbread were the most popular answers, check out these favourites!

  • Trifle and champagne.
  • Definitely the smell of fresh gingerbread, clementines and latkes.
  • For me, anything with cinnamon and citrus. That can make me think holidays even in July.
  • Hot apple cider – I like mine with gin.
  • Turtles, the chocolates.
  • Dumplings, the taste but as well the process; we discuss what’s going to be in the filling, prepare and make them together.
  • Eggnog and shortbread cookies.
  • Smoked salmon, the only time of year we have it.
  • The smell of fresh chrusciki, a traditional Polish cruller.
  • Broth fondue cooking steak, shrimp, chicken, mushrooms and potatoes.
  • The smell of glog, mulled wine, cooking on the stove.
  • Peppermint and chocolate bark, and gingerbread – because it seems to make a serious impact on all things holiday.