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Food for Thought – Going Nuts is Super for the Brain

BrainNutsPeople today are living longer – and better – than ever before. While our ancestors may have never dreamed of living well into their nineties, continuing to enjoy life a good 30 years after retirement is the new norm. So it is more important than ever to consider the lasting effects of the choices we make when we are younger.

While we all know that the right diet can mean a strong heart or a healthy kidney, it is easy to forget one very important organ: the brain. Did you know that certain foods are credited for maintaining healthy, focused minds well into our senior years?

Feed Your Brain
A healthy brain is your key to living life to the fullest – no matter what your age! But as demographics shift, an aging majority is finding illnesses like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease are on the rise. Not yet reversible, it is always smart to work to prevent these types of diseases rather than treat them. One simple way? Eat “brain foods”.

Smart Snacks
Eating nuts is a delicious way to keep your brain healthy. And, considering you don’t need more than a handful a day to get the nutrients you need, making sure you consume the right amount is easy! Make nuts your go-to snack when working at the office or relaxing in front of the television. If you are reaching into your desk drawer or cupboard for salty or sugary snacks, why not replace these unhealthy options with a smart alternative?

  • If you have a sweet tooth: Consider dipping your favourite nuts in honey, or dusting them with cinnamon or cocoa powder.
  • If you prefer savoury snacks: Try munching on a handful of pistachios. (But watch out for nuts that are coated in spicy seasonings – they are usually high in sodium!)

mixed-nutsTime To Go Nuts
The good news about nuts is that they are a smart snack at any stage of life. Perfect for combatting that afternoon slump or “brain fog,” and a healthy option for individuals who are trying to lose weight, nuts can help energize you, clear your head, and are chock full of healthy fats to fill you up between mealtimes, helping you stay focused at work while maintaining a healthy weight.

So the next time your stomach starts rumbling, go nuts! It might be one of the smartest snacks you ever eat.

  • Walnuts improve memory and cognitive performance, making it easier to think clearly.
  • Cashews open up the blood vessels in your brain, helping it operate better.
  • Peanuts and pecans help improve memory, brain function, and brain development.
  • Almonds and hazelnuts protect against cognitive decline that can come with age.
  • Mixed nuts treat your brain to a variety of goodness!
  • Raw nuts are filled with nutrients your brain and body need to stay healthy.

by Kathleen O’Hagan