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Eating your way through December…

healthtalklogo…can be both delightful and digestively challenging!

Here are some tips so you can both enjoy your food and feel okay the next day.

  1. Eat a light snack before you go out so that you don’t arrive famished!
  2. Savour what you eat and make it last. This aids in digestion and releases the flavours better.
  3. Fit in a walk every day, move briskly for half a block, and then stroll slowly and calmly.
  4. Water is your best friend. Drink it throughout the day and consume equal amounts if you are also drinking alcoholic beverages. A spritzer – a mixture of soda with wine – is a great way to stretch your drinks and include more H20!
  5. Enjoy the wonderful variety of non-alcoholic fruit juices and fizzy water that are both healthy for your body and give your system a rest.
  6. We naturally feel and digest better when eating foods we are accustomed to eating. Whatever your comfort food, make sure on non-party days you get some good home cooking!