Health Talk
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Let’s Get Physical

We hear it from health experts all the time. How physical activity provides long-term health benefits for children, youth and adults alike. Physical activity is a natural mood enhancer. Have you ever worked out and experienced that “feel good” sensation afterwards? Studies have shown that physical activity has emotional benefits like alleviating stress, anxiety depression, but health benefits like improving sleep and lowering blood pressure. Additional benefits for kids include establishing healthy lifestyle patterns, improved focus and grades.

The challenge is finding the time for physical activity. It is hard to be active when we live such busy lives. Whether it is a demanding job, or taking the kids to sports tournaments on weekends, there are so many routines that take most of our time. Which is why we should be creative and find new ways to incorporate physical activity into our lives because being active is a crucial part of living a healthy life.

It is suggested adults do at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise five times a week and strength exercises at least twice a week. Children should do 60 minutes of physical activity every single day. For kids, hitting these minutes is easier with gym class, but it is much harder for adults. Thirty minutes a day may sound daunting, but it is actually an easy feat to reach. There are many ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily life. And it’s never too late to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle.

Staying Active at Work

The first tip for getting physical activity while at work actually has more to do with what you do before arriving at work. If you work close enough to your home, try walking or biking to the job. Add a strength element to your walk buy using lightweight dumbbells. If you drive or take public transit, try parking further or getting off the bus a couple blocks away and walking to the office. For those who work from home, try waking up a little earlier and going on a stroll around the neighbourhood.

One way to get moving at work is taking advantage of your breaks. Why not take the long way to your favourite lunch spot, or ditch the elevator and take the stairs. There are so many ways for us to stay active at work; we just need to think outside the cubicle.

Staying Active at Home

Some of your favourite hobbies and day-to-day chores can be great ways to get physical activity into your lifestyle. Gardening is a hobby that actually has some health benefits. Turning the soil, carrying plants, mowing the lawn or raking the leaves are all physical actions that will get your heart beating faster. For those with pets, taking your pup on a short run around the neighbourhood will have their tail wagging and your heart racing. Another technique is to workout while watching television. You can do yoga or use dumbbells while watching your favourite shows.