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Staying Healthy and In Shape

There’s no question that our daily routines have changed in ways we never could’ve anticipated. The general consensus is to limit exposure to others and practice new social routines like self-isolation and social distancing. However, these habits, if not monitored with keen eyes, can be harmful to our health if we are not careful. This lifestyle shift can lead to normalizing a more sedentary lifestyle.

The question many of us have is how to stay healthy during this new normal. The answer to this question is luckily a lot simpler than you may think. A day that usually includes physical activities like grocery shopping, getting steps in during lunch break, walking your kids home from school, may be absent. But there are proactive, functional, and creative options for us that can be done every day of the week.

Exercise While at Home

We can all stay active without setting foot in a gym or even buy a fitness plan. Exercising at home is as simple as purchasing a yoga mat or resistance bands from the store and throwing on a fitness video on YouTube. We put too much pressure on ourselves to go to the gym. To be frank, going to the gym isn’t for everyone, especially during these times. If you have equipment at home that has been gathering dust, then dust it off and give it a go. If you don’t have equipment but wish to add resistance to your home workout, there are plenty of at-home options including books or balls. There are even fitness apps that specialize in at-home routines that don’t require weights.

Another tip for staying active at home is climbing stairs. It is a repetitive activity but climbing stairs is great cardio and perfect for stabilizing your muscles. Why not climb stairs during the commercial break of one of your evening television programs.


Take time to take care of yourself. We all get wrapped up in the nuances of daily life and forget to take the time to support ourselves, and the people around us. Self-care can be as simple as catching up by phone with a friend overseas or spending quality time with a loved one. It can also be taking time out of your day to do something that you love and focus on one of your hobbies. Meditation is another way to relax and bring calm to your day. Some studies suggest that meditation also promotes sleep. 


One of the simplest ways to stay healthy is adequate rest. Good sleep is essential to our overall health. While the amount of rest needed for good health and optimum performance mostly depends on the individual, the amount of sleep you need varies depending on age and lifestyle. We should listen to our bodies to ensure we are getting enough rest.