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Summer Steps for Healthy Living

Simple Steps to Improve Your Health while Enjoying Summer Living

SummerHealthyLivingEven adults have a “school’s out” attitude during the summer. The days are warmer and longer, everything seems a bit lazier, and less chaotic. Even taking deep breathes of air feels so much more refreshing! This is a great time to adopt some summer habits for improving your health.

Health experts across various fields such as diet, fitness, stress, vision, skin, recently were asked: what’s one simple change you can make this season to boost your personal health? Here are the answers:

  1. Berry up Your Diet – It’s the perfect time of year to make sure you add a cup of mixed fresh berries to your diet every day if you can. You have a choice of blackberries, blueberries, or strawberries, all rich in fibre as well as antioxidants, which may help prevent damage to tissues and reduce the risks of age-related illnesses.
  2. Get Outdoor Exercise – Rather that stay inside at a gym, pick an outdoor activity to do at least 5 times a week (every day if you can). It could be as simple as a walk, or perhaps cycling, playing tag or badminton with your kids, swimming, playing tennis or volleyball.
  3. Drink More Water – Water is a superfluid. It makes up more than half of our bodies. It fuels our muscles so we get less tired and helps us stay focused and refreshed. Add slices of lemon or cucumber if you want a bit of flavour. And remember, on a hot day, a cold water-based drink is much better for keeping you cool and hydrated than alcohol.
  4. Garden to Reduce Stress – Just putting your hands in soil is grounding. The act of planting and caring for a garden actually has been shown to reduce stress (Psychology Today). Whether it’s a small plot at the back of your yard, or flower boxes on a balcony or window ledge, take time with your plants every day.
  5. Adopt a Floss-Daily Habit – Flossing reduces oral bacteria, which improves overall body health, and if oral bacteria is low, your body has more resources to fight bacteria elsewhere. Pick this as your new habit to adopt this summer: floss every single day. Do it at the beach (in privacy), while lounging on your patio, or when watching television – and the task will seem easy.
  6. Be Kind to Your Eyes and Your Skin – Wear sunglasses that block out at least 99% of ultraviolet A and B rays.  Sunglasses can help prevent cataracts and wrinkles around the eyes. Protect your eyes with special eyewear when doing tasks such as mowing the lawn. Like you protect your kids, apply a broad spectrum sunscreen and be stylish—wear a hat to keep those UV rays at bay.