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Think While You Drink… Drink More – Water That Is

assorteddrinkshealthtalklogoAugust is the high point of summer. It is holiday time, vacation time and barbecue time. Time off from work means we allow ourselves to stay up late, have a few more drinks, a few more parties and even more drinks. Quickly, before you realize, your calorie intake adds up, dehydration takes effect and possibly a few extra pounds show up.

cupofwaterSo now what? Staying hydrated is more important than ever. When there are so many choices of chilled beverages, what is the best choice?
The best drink, and most affordable, is good ol’ water – no sugar and zero calories. We don’t think of calories in drinks the same way we do in foods, so we don’t realize how many “hidden” calories we’re consuming when we’re drinking some beverages.

Think while you drink
Limit high sugar & calorie beverages

  • Beer, coolers, tropical cocktails
  • Fruit punches, often disguised as fruit juices
  • Sweetened ice tea, lemonade
  • Pop and sports drinks
  • Frozen coffee and tea “Frappe” drinks

Switch it up. Have one of those, then have one of these.

  • Clear soda water or sparkling water
  • Ice water mixed with sliced fruit or vegetables – try lemon, orange, apple, or cucumber slices
  • Mix four parts water (sparkling or flat) with one part pure fruit juice

Additional fun & healthy beverages

  • Low calorie fruit juices like V8 juice, unsweetened cranberry or grapefruit juice
  • Unsweetened iced tea, with lemon or lime and mint leaves
  • Old-fashioned sodas – fill a glass with soda water and add a scoop of ice cream
  • Spritzer: half soda water, half dry white wine
  • Half iced tea half lemon or limeade