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Trade Coffee for Apples

healthtalklogored-appleFeeling a little sluggish in the afternoon? Trying  to cut back on your caffeine in the morning? Look no further than the humble apple. There is mounting evidence to support the claim that an apple is as good as that cup of java to give you a quick jolt of energy, and better still, apples bring you actual nutrition!

Here’s how it works. The fruit in sugar, unlike white processed sugar, is slowly released into your body, providing the energy lift you need but without the “sugar high-sugar crash” effects of a sweetened beverage or a donut. In addition, apples give you a good dose of fibre, about 4 grams (we all know that there is no fibre in coffee!) Fibre is good for your internal health plus makes you feel full and satisfied.

Apples also have those great cancer-fighting antioxidants; Granny Smiths and Red Delicious are particularly high. All varieties are considered to be good “brain food” with betacarotene and acetylcholine. And because apple chewing produces saliva, apples are good for keeping your teeth clean and healthy.

So given the 16 or more varieties of Ontario apples (visit online for a full description of each), why not crunch down on an apple instead of that second cup of coffee?