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My Secret Beaches Spot


This picture was taken at dusk after a light rain. A fine layer of mist and a slow shutter speed on the camera made for a mystical rendering of the already character-rich tree.
– Nance Fleming

Answer to Win

If you can tell us where the Secret Beaches Spot photo was taken, you could win movie passes for two to the Alliance Cinema in the Beach. Three winners will be chosen. Send in your answer by September 10, 2010. Email your answer to:

We were flooded with answers to last issue’s Secret Spot. It is another testimonial that we are often connected to the simple things in life – like a tree stump and flowers. Thank you for sending us your answers. Here are some answers with a personal touch:

I know this garden – it’s so sweet! It’s at the south west corner of Queen & Lee, at the southern most end of the garden, right beside Kew Gardens. I have often admired this tree stump garden but it’s especially sweet this year. – Susan T.

That lovely pansy garden is located at the south east corner of the Coles’ building on Lee Avenue. It is an absolute wonderful idea to turn that tree stump into something so beautiful. Hope this idea will be copied. – Brigitte S.

Your magazine arrived yesterday and while out for my nightly walk with my great neighbour we happened to walk up Lee Avenue, just south of Queen, by the park and there was the tree stump with the lovely pansies. It was a delight to see on our walk… as we take a different route each night. – Janice G.

This is an entry from Benjamin, age 5¾ who says it is: “Beside Kew Park… I like this tree because they’ve cut it down and put mud inside. Flowers grow inside it. It makes me feel good when I see it. But it is better for trees to grow big and tall. If they cut down all of the trees then we would die because we would have no air to breathe.” – Benjamin M. (emailed by his parents)

Congratulations to…

June’s Secret Beaches Spot winners: Jane Anderson, Arlene Jameson and Maryia Shmyrova. They knew that the last Secret Beaches Spot was the tree trunk garden on Lee Avenue just south of Queen Street at the edge of Kew Gardens.

Win with Your Secret Beaches Spot

Send us a photo of your Secret Beaches Spot and a brief description. If we feature it in Beaches|life you will receive a movie pass for two to the Alliance Cinema in the Beach.
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