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My Secret Beaches Spot


Shane Clodd’s sculpture, “The Moirai,” tells the tale of three sisters. Known as the Three Fates, they were believed to be responsible for one’s past, present and future. They include Clotho, who spins the thread of life, Lachesis, who weaves the fabric of one’s actions, and Atropos, who snips the thread at the end of one’s life. – Edward Freeman

Congratulations to…
Henry Hlady, Martha Rieser, Valerie March, Cindy Curley and Rob Sharples for knowing that July’s secret Beaches spot was the door to the beach from the big white house on the waterfront (between Neville Park and Munro Park). The winners will be contacted to choose their movie passes.

Answer to win…
Do you recognize this view? If you can tell us where the photo was taken, you become eligible to win a movie pass for two for the Alliance Cinema in the Beach or the Fox Theatre. Three winners will be chosen. Send in your answer by October 1, 2008.
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Your Secret Beaches Spot
Send us a photo by email or mail plus a 75-100 word description of your Secret Beaches Spot and Beaches|life may feature your place (not so secret now!) in an upcoming issue.
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