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Affordable New Or Not So New Tech Gadgets

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 7.44.22 PMWhether you’re trying to charge multiple devices at once, keep your stuff more secure, or clear up clutter, there are some innovative and inexpensive tech gadgets today that can make all of this happen. Here are just a few of what the experts suggest, and all for about $25 or less.

LCD writing tablets: Inexpensive, various choices feature a letter-sized screen that you can use to digitally write on and leave notes for your friends, family, or co-workers.

Cable organizers: Magnetic organizers keep all of your cables in place so you never have to go fishing for them on the floor.

Case-mate Pockets: Attach to the back of your phone to give you an instant pocked to stash cards and a bit of cash.

Data apps: Automatic is a small car adapter that you plug into the on-board diagnostics port of your car to get all kinds of data about your vehicle. The device diagnoses engine problems, remembers where you parked, displays your trip history, and can even call for help in the case of an accident.

Antennas: Portable TV antennas let you watch HD and digital content for free. Easy to install giving you local and national TV.

Mini speakers: Enjoy hours of listening sound with pocket size, wireless speakers. Small cubes under-2 inches connect with Bluetooth or audio cable. Some are even waterproof, perfect for outdoor use.

Portable battery chargers: We all hate it when we see our battery life at 20% and there is no where we can re-charge.  There are many portable external battery packs designed to keep your smartphone, tablet, or other products running when their battery gets low.

Tech Gadgets Update!
Tech Gadgets was once on our watch out list, and now are available, this is the time while price has coming down it’s more affordable for most of us.

The annual Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, held on January 2018, showcased new tech items – highlights included:

  • Samsung’s ‘The Wall’: 12-foot television screen that can ‘grow’ to almost any size and shape by linking to other screens.
  • ForwardX’s CX-1: An artificial intelligence powered smart suitcase that follows its owner around the airport.
  • HiMirror: A smart mirror that uses facial recognition to chart how effective different beauty products are and whether it’s time to try something new.
  • Spartan boxer briefs: Wearable device lined with silver fibres to create electromagnetic shielding from smartphone radiation.
  • BrainCo headband: Monitors and analyses brainwaves to provide ‘neurofeedback’ on whether, for instance, a student is really concentrating on a certain subject.