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Being Smart About Keeping up with Technology

bubbleHow to Stay up-to-date  and not be Overwhelmed

More and more, gadgets, digital devices and smart technology have become integrated into our life as good additions, for the most part of it. But keeping up with the newest, latest, smartest and coolest can be overwhelming, as most of us have experienced.

Now, smart consumers no longer feel the need for everything latest and newest. Regardless of brand or version of the operating system, the ones we got, just two years ago such as our computers, smart phones and tablets are all, more or less, equally usable these days. People are using devices of every make and vintage – without feeling the need to upgrade.

So are your gadgets or apps “good enough”? Try these suggestions to decide if you’ve got what you need, and make sure you aren’t overwhelmed by the technology tools that already work for you every day.

  1. Upgrade or Not? Does the technology you use (your phone, your computer, tablet, etc.) still do what you need it to do? Many times, the upgraded versions offer improvements, but many times, they are just gimmicky features, or not upgrades that you need.
  2. Chose You Options Carefully  Technology gives us unlimited choices through options and preferences. But you don’t have to use them all! Decide what you care about (easy access to your Internet browser) and what you can live without (email notifications that constantly pop-up on your screen.)
  3. Can You Afford the Time & Money? Is outdated technology costing you time? It depends how you use it. If you are paid by the hour for work you do on your computer and your computer is very slow, the time it takes to start up, load a website, or reboot after a crash could be affecting your bottom line.
  4. Are You Making It Work for You? If you’re spending too much time trying to figure out how to use your technology rather than actually making it work for you, you may want to consider what you download. There are millions of apps now available, but after trying out different apps, decide which ones are worth it and which ones are more trouble than they are worth.  A “to do list” app isn’t worth it if you can just as easily write down a list with pen and paper.
  5. Take Regularly Tech Breaks Give yourself a technology break; perhaps at lunch hour or over a weekend. Being able to step away for a period reduces the stress of making it all work and keeping ahead of the curve!
  6. Treat Yourself Treat yourself with a new, cool gadget on special occasions, e.g. birthday, holidays, or a reward for an accomplishment. It will spread out the enjoyment of something new and give you time to think about what you’d really like.