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Many of us order online and receive electronic greetings and reminders. During the holiday season we  have less time to pay attention to details which can leaves us open to fraud.

You should identify all online links before you click. You can find out if a link’s address without opening it. How do you know if the link is safe, especially before you click on it?

Many browsers show the web address in a status bar when you put your mouse over (do not click) the link.

The status bar is found at the bottom of your browser window. If you don’t see it, go to View: Show Status in the window menu and it will appear.

Use common sense to identify the web address. If it is not what you expect or it contains a lot of letters and symbols but no recognizable names, don’t open it.

Never provide personal information to email requests, even if it looks like your bank is contacting you. Banks NEVER email you for password or personal information.