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My Tech – Data Back-up

mytechlogoLooking for the absolute best, foolproof way to protect your data and ensure you never lose your documents in a computer crash?

Back-up in more than one place.
It sounds too simple to be true. But even “cloud” backing up isn’t guaranteed. Pick two of the following to make sure you’re not caught in a crisis.

  • Free online back-up services, e.g. Goggle Docs or Drop Box, where you save documents to a special desktop folder that automatically saves online.
  • Back-up software on your computer (comes with most new computers). Software schedules then backs up your data to an external hard drive device. You can get a huge external drive for under $100 on sale.
  • A paid external back-up service that takes responsibility for backing up your data, as required, and recovers it for you in the event of a crash.

Quick back up solutions:

  • Drop that important document on a USB key at the end of each day.
  • Burn special photos, reference documents, etc. to a DVD or CD.
  • Email the document to yourself – keeps a copy safe online!