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Is it okay to text or compute while gathered with friends and family on the patio or deck? We say no, leave your phone and your computer inside. It’s not cool to Twitter or chat online during a social gathering, especially when you’re visiting face-to-face on a warm summer day or evening. The same goes for collecting emails or finishing up some last minute work on your laptop.But there are times when technology can combine with patio living!Snap photos of your friends then visit your local print shop to have prints made. Add a short note then mail these “memories” to the people in the photos.It will be the best gift they get this summer. They’ll be able to pin the photo above their desk or on their wall, reminding them of the time you spent together.Take some imaginative nature photos, e.g. the bright blue sky, flowers in bloom, the sunset on a beach, the clear water in the lake. Save these photos as screen savers to inspire you next winter when the snow is thigh-high and temperatures freezing!Bring some music outdoors. Just remember to use it as a background, always respecting your neighbours, and not overpowering the conversation. Protect electronics outdoors. Phones and computers plus water don’t mix!