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Email. Text. Phone. What is best to use?


tincanphoneWith so many options in how we communicate these days, have we forgotten what makes sense? Before you automatically text, phone or send an email, it’s worth considering the best way to talk with friends, family or co workers rather than the most immediate way!


  • The best way to send information about an event, address or contact. The recipient can place the info directly into their calendar or even print it off if they wish.
  • Gives you a physical record that you can store and revisit when needed.
  • Not recommended for confidential discussions that could be mistakenly forwarded to others.

Text Message

  • You can’t beat it for a quick update. Great, when you cannot use your phone but need to get a message to someone.
  • Avoid when you’re sending someone information they’ll have to write down, like an address or phone number.
  • Never use for serious conversations, arguments, or a discussion that’s not going well.
  • Remember, there’s a reason that text messages are limited in character count – don’t use for long messages.


  • Sometimes you just can’t beat picking up the phone. During conversations, our voice can convey meaning and intent so much better than those symbols used in email or text. Plus, if you say something wrong over the telephone, you can correct it on the spot!
  • Use for detailed discussions, conversations where you need to talk about options, to help reach a decision.
  • Always use when reaching out to someone to comfort or give emotional support.

Card in the mail or handwritten notes

  • No better way to tell someone you really care than with a handwritten card, letter or note.
  • Use for thanking, comforting, sending best wishes or sympathy.
  • Leaving a simple reminder on the fridge to take the meat out of the freezer or tell your partner that last night’s dinner was “awesome”.