Past Issues:

Email Tips for effective communication, at home and at work


First name – Call your recipient by name. It is more personal and gives the feeling of one to one communication.

Name your subjectName your subject to attract your reader’s full attention and make it easier to retrieve the message later. Note that too attractive (or funny) a subject line might be interpreted as spam.

Send a quick reply – Send a quick reply if you cannot get back to the sender right away so they know that you’ve received the message.

Get to the point – Get to the point, stating the purpose of your message right after your greeting. Separate each topic (not more than 3) by paragraphs and limit content.

Copy & paste – Copy & paste email addresses to avoid misdirected emails.

Attachment – Tell people about attachment(s); otherwise they might not look for one.

Reply all – Don’t avoid REPLY ALL unless everyone really does need to know your answer!

Pick up the phone – Know when to pick up the phone or visit face to face when email get confusing or you suspect any kind of miscommunication.