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Garden Apps

GardenAppsYou already do everything with your smartphone – banking, email, internet, shop and even participate in the stock market – so why not garden with it? Here are some high rated apps that could help green your thumbs this season.

The Gardening Guide from Mother Earth News
This app provides detailed information on growing many major garden crops, including tomatoes, peppers, corn, onions, garlic, spinach, squash, melons, radishes, lettuce, potatoes, carrots and many more. Get advice on all the essentials about: how to plant, when to plant, how to prevent pests and diseases, types and varieties to try, how to save seeds from the crop, and more. As well, learn several gardening techniques, including watering, crop rotation, garden fencing, cover crops, transplanting, improving your soil, vertical gardening and many more.

Garden Tracker by Portable Databases
This simple iPhone app lets you plot out your garden with up to 50×50 squares on a grid. Track each plant’s progress including days since watered and days to harvest. Keep notes within the app, and take advantage of the app’s reference tools such as sunrise/sunset calendar, lunar calendar, garden zone map, and pest database.

MyGarden by TrendsCo. bvba
For the social networking generation, this app allows you to make gardening social. This app certainly won’t be for everyone, but it is notable nonetheless. Connect with other garden enthusiasts via; this app is the mobile outlet for the site. You can track your account, plants, friends and update your garden status.

Bugs in the Garden by Justin Davidson
Quickly ID common North American bugs in your garden. Includes realistic illustrations and photos of both adults and larva (caterpillars and grubs). Gives quick advice on management and damage assessment. Fastest way to ID bugs in your garden.

Herbs+ by Daniel Wall
This is a great app that provides valuable information on 25 different herbs.  Within each herb, you can find information on how best to plant it, culinary ideas, and even medicinal uses. In addition, there’s a comprehensive tab outlining basic guidelines on planting an herb garden.