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Guide to Social Media

social-media-walls-for-eventsSome days, especially when you are spending time around younger adults and kids, you might wonder how you can ever catch up with what’s happening with social media. Just when you are used to Facebook, everyone is talking about Snapchat!

Here is a short guide of what is current now! (be warned, we have no idea what will be trendy next!)

FacebookIconFacebook is still the most popular social media site for all age groups. In particular, it has become the social media platform of choice for adults over fifty! Facebook is great for easily posting photos of events and news, and sharing in someone’s good news.

linkedinLinkedin has established itself as the “business person’s Facebook”. It is not the same, because it uses mostly text, not photos. Linkedin gives you a way to share news of your business and your career like you would at a business networking event. You can also upload links to articles you’ve read (or have written), videos of presentations and webinars. Linkedin is also a great tool, both for recruiting and for job hunting.

instagram-logo-57ea81e43df78c690f90439bInstagram lets you share images either to show the world something you have created, or promote your own ability to “curate” objects of interest. Designers, for example, post on Instagram to demonstrate their sense of imagination and design. Chefs post images of their favourite dishes. You can also post images of friends getting together, even your cat or dog! But like Linkedin, Instagram is considered a great way to demonstrate expertise and professionalism. Instagram can be made public or private, so you don’t have to share with everyone!

YouTubeIconYouTube may seem like something that someone else uses, but anyone can post a video to YouTube. It’s really handy if you want to create an easy-to-view video of a vacation or event. It’s also a great business tool for talking about or demonstrating a product. But keep it short! Nothing more than 3 minutes max.

snapchat-circled-logoSnapChat is one of the newest tools, used by young adults and teens mostly. It’s like Instagram, but once someone opens and views it, the image disappears forever. The idea is that it captures a moment in time, but nothing more. So it’s a way to have a conversation, but in picture form.

TwitterRoundIconTwitter continues to baffle some and be adored by others. With limited characters, you post a message or respond to someone else’s. You can even “re-tweet” if you like something. Twitter is not good for promoting or selling, you’ll just be ignored. But if you’re good with wise one-liners and comments, it can help build a brand or personality.

PinterestLogoPinterest is another visual social media tool, used in the “do-it-yourself” community. It’s similar to searching “images” on Google. If you’re looking for inspiration, Pinterest is a great place to start.