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Your Beloved Earbuds – Bet you don’t know it all?

earbudsWhen it comes to headphones, you’re most likely using them to listen to music or videos without bothering those around you. The remote on your Apple set can do pretty much anything you need in that regard.

Playback Controls

  1. Pause & Play Tracks – Play or pause a song or video: press the center button once. This works with most apps like Music, Netflix, Play Music, Spotify, Videos, and YouTube.
  2. Skip or Go to Previous Track – Skip a track: quickly press the middle button on the remote twice.
    Go to the previous track: quickly press the middle button three times. This works with a lot of media apps, like Music, Pandora, Play Music, Spotify, and Videos.
  3. Fast Forward & Rewind – Fast forward your song or video: press the middle button twice, holding down on the second press. Rewind a track or video, press the middle button three times, holding down on the third press. This works in Music, Spotify, and Videos.

Call Functions
Chances are, you’ll receive a phone call while your headphones are plugged in, and while you can pull your iPhone out to perform call functions, let’s show you how to do them all from your EarPod’s remote.

  1. Answer & End Calls – Answering a call: press the middle button once on the remote.  Ending a call: press the middle button again.
  2. Decline Incoming Calls – Decline a call: press and hold the middle button for a couple seconds. The beep you hear will notify that the call was forwarded to voice mail. Already on a call and  you receive another, do the same thing to decline the new one.
  3. Call Waiting–Switch to a Second Call – Receive a call while you are on a call: switch to a new call while placing the previous one on hold by single-pressing the middle button.

Additional Functions
Although playback controls and call functions will probably be the most utilized functions, there are some additional things that can make your EarPods much more useful.

  1. Hands-Free Assistance – Activate Siri: press and hold the middle button. If your remote includes a mic (you’ll know by the small microphone icon on the back), you can leave your phone in your pocket while you speak to Siri. This is also a good call function – just ask Siri to call someone for you.
  2. Use It as a Remote Shutter Button – Take photos or video: use the volume buttons to snap pictures or start and stop video recordings. This action does not work with third-party apps like Instagram, Snapchat, or Vine.