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Money Saving Apps

PigBankAPPSSo many apps out there that help you save the most, spend the least, and make life a little easier. Even saving a few dollars each week can really add up, so pick an app to help put a bit of extra away in a savings plan or for that next special purchase.

 Cut your gas bill with GasBuddy – No one can keep track or even predict gas prices these days. This app tells you where to find the station with the lowest price. Run by its community of users, it is able to list current prices.

Save on travel with the Flight Network – Search for flights offered by top international and local airlines, book and pay – and take advantage of their price drop protection. You earn credits if the price of your trip lowers after you book!

Manage your money with Mint – Mint is the top of everyone’s list as an ideal personal finance app. Mint keeps track of all your financial activity from all accounts: checking, savings, retirement, etc. Mint also makes note of your spending patterns and creates a budget!

Lower your grocery bill with SnapSaves – A Canadian cash back rebate app that lets you earn money while you shop, simply by taking a photo of your receipt and sending it in. SnapSaves also provides rebates each week on fresh produce!

Erase your debt with DebtTracker Pro – For those working their way out of debt, DebtTracker Pro can serve as a payoff plan. Users choose a personal strategy for overcoming debt and the app recommends payment strategies and then sends reminders when payments are due.

Save money on everything with  – has coupons, flyers, and deals, but it also has an online community that shares articles about money savings. The deal section, for example, provides a searchable database of current deals from food, clothing, electronics, etc. for both in-store and online shopping.

Save on travel with Kayak – Compare prices on flights, car rentals and hotel deals as well as keep tabs on your flight status, manage your itinerary and look up airport information.

Save on drinks in Toronto with Drink Owl – Find cheap drinks, specials, coupons and happy hours in Toronto. The app provides a 7 day calendar with an extensive list of bars, restaurants and lounges that save a couple of bucks.

Save on bookings with Compare Bookings – Search for hotel options wherever you are, and then compare deals from all the best travel sites (like Travelocity and Expedia) to get the best deals on hotels as well as cruises, car rentals, and other travel expenses.

Save money on apps with Appsfire – This app makes you a list of recommended apps to download to suit your interests. Additionally, you can set up a wish list with notifications for deals on the apps you want to purchase. It’s the ideal app for the person who loves apps and saving money!