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Holiday Do’s and Don’ts with your tech-toys

Arranging parties and keeping track of guest responses has never been easier with email, programs like email, apps and smart phones. But when using these new tools for sending party invitations, be careful to avoid some of these invitation faux pas!

  • Not everyone uses the internet or checks it as frequently as you do. Make sure everyone receives your invitation by asking for a reply. No response? Use the telephone or you might end up leaving someone out.
  • Be careful of online invitations where guests can send back comments. You can turn this option off to avoid embarrassing conversations about who may or may not be coming, and why.
  • Check your group emails carefully to make sure you’ve included everyone.
  • Neighbourhood gathering? Consider a handdelivered invitation; you’re only a few steps away,after all!
  • Suggest that guests reply to emails by only replying to you. This avoids swamping everyone else’s email with Aunt Mary’s long excuse about why she can’t attend this year.
  • Electronic invitations can be so easy to send that sometimes, important details are missed. Once you’ve written your email invitation, wait a day before sending; then review, and print out to make sure the information is accurate.
  • Make sure you still send cards to seniors who don’t use email, friends and family far away that like to get an actual letter or card.
  • Finally, limit your time on the Internet. It’s the holidays after all. This is the time to spend with people, face to face.