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R U an Appoholic?

mytechlogoap.po.hol.ic  adj. To be addicted to buying/ downloading apps for your smartphone. This includes daily searches for new interesting apps to download. (Urban Dictionary)

While I was writing this, the Apple website was counting up to 10-billion downloaded apps from their App Store. I am sure many of you have a number of those 10-billion in the palm of your hand already.

With an app for just about anything, it is easy to get addicted to them. Remember when you first got your iPhone or Android smartphone? I do.  The world of apps opened up to you. Every spare minute was spent searching, downloading and playing with new apps. Riding on the bus–looking for apps, sitting having lunch–looking for apps, watching television–looking for apps, lying in bed–looking for apps, going to the bathroom…. But like any addiction, appoholics eventually need to face their weakness and begin their lengthy detox process. Yes, I mean, going through and cleaning up your phone.

There are several reasons why cleaning up your phone’s apps is a worthwhile exercise:

  1. De-cluttering is always a good thing. It will help you organize your remaining apps better.
  2. Improve your phone’s performance. Many apps run continuously, using up battery life and processing speed.
  3. By going through all your apps, you may find some really useful ones you forgot you even had.
  4. Free up storage space on your phone for video and music.
  5. It gets your phone nice and organized so you can download new apps!

This is not a short process. You will need to pace yourself and approach it “one app at a time”. Oh, and if after a while you become bored with cleaning up your phone, don’t fret, I am sure there’s an app that could help you out with that as well.