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Say No To Tech Talk. Say Yes To Tech Talk.

Rude-textingSay No To Tech Talk – Summer is here – taking that personal time for all. A weekend away, a patio dinner with friends, enjoying your favourite easy-to-cook food, comfortable summer clothing, more daylight and fewer rules. To make all of this truly enjoyable, you need to Say No to Tech, put it down, put it away… your cell phone that is.

Here are some cellphone manners to follow when you are in public or with others:

Out With Friends

  • Put your phone out of sight, so you don’t keep looking who had texted or emailed you.
  • Turn off the ringer. Unless you have life urgent matters, it can wait.
  • Best if you can leave your phone in the car or somewhere not easily reachable. You are doing yourself good just to relax when it is unreachable. You are also doing good for your company as their time is just as important as yours. When others are giving their time to be with you, you should be honoured. Enjoy the personal time.

Alone In Public

  • When you are alone out in the public, make sure you move away from others when talking on the phone.
  • Watch your language, body jesters and control your emotions.
  • It’s no one’s business, no need to share your conversations – keep it private.

Say Yes to Tech Talk – Summertime we all like to have lots of fun outdoors; playing, siting on the patio and going for walks. It could mean less time to spend with people close to you, such as parents, grandparent, elderly friends, etc.

Make sure you call them, let them hear your voice. Ensuring that they are ok and you have not forgotten about them. Also, letting them know that you are safe, giving them peace of mind.

When You Need To Call

  • Checking in with elderly members at home or friends. Call them once a week or every two weeks. Let them know you are good and ask how their summer has been.
  • If you live with someone; spouse, parents, house mate, roommate, and you are staying out late at night, call them. Let them know where you are and when to expect you home. They can go to bed with peace of mind.