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Six Good Reasons to Set-up your own Online Photo Albums


Not long ago, most of us would share our favourite digital photos by emailing them to each other –
but now there is an easier and better way to share our memories without sending large-sized emails.
Today you can easily find free online photo sharing programs to organize, store and share your pictures with family, friends and the world.

  • Easy access to your photos or photos from your friends.
  • Better organized and easy navigation for viewers.
  • Doesn’t waste unnecessary hard drive space on your computer.
  • Emailing links to your online photo album is fast and can be repeated easily to different people.
  • Accessible to most handheld devices (smartphones).
  • You can view your online photo albums anywhere in the world.

There are many free photo services available, here are just a few:

  • Windows Live (25GB*)
  • Google Picasa (1GB*)
  • Photobucket (1GB*)
  • Flickr (100MB*)
    *Current amount of free space offered.