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Smart Home for the Smarter Homeowner

SmartHomeImagine, just years ago, most of us did not think cell phones were necessary, but today, they are a necessity to almost all. Our cars have become smarter, with Bluetooth, GPS and back-up cameras – it can even park itself. If you have any of these, you won’t ever want to let them go.

Now it’s time to think Smart about your Home. It’s summer time and many people are on holidays. Whether you are travelling or out playing, a smart home can give you some peace of mind.

Today, smart homes are the future. While you are on holidays, it may be a good time for you to do some research and find the best smart “gadgets” that fit your needs.

Here are some smart home options for you to consider:

  • Remote Locks – Securing your home used to be a time-consuming process – especially if you like to double- and triple-check. With home automation, you can lock all your doors and windows from almost anywhere.
  • Control Your Lighting While You’re Away – Have would-be intruders think you’re home by automating your indoor lights. Set up a program to have your lights turn on at a specific time each evening. If you want to get creative, use your app to turn different lights off and on right from your vacation spot.
  • Video Monitoring – Check what’s going on inside and outside your home. With an outdoor camera with motion, you can even set up an alert when someone is at your door.
  • Turn On/Off Appliances & Electronics – Leaving your small appliances and electronics on while you’re away will add to your electricity bill – but who wants to go through their entire home and manually switch everything off? You can turn them on/off easily when they are powered with smart plugs.
  • Water Sensors – Water can cause a lot of damage in a home, especially if it happens while you’re away on vacation. Water sensors can alert you when this happens and if it’s a broken pipe you can even cut the water supply right from your phone (where available).
  • Adjust Your Thermostat – You can adjust your thermostat from your mobile device, and also program it to turn the air conditioning on in time for you to return from vacation with your home at the perfect temperature.
  • Turn on your home alarm – The days of setting your home alarm keypad and then making a run for the door in order to beat the alarm are over. Arm it from your mobile device once you’re out the door. You can even sync your cameras to begin recording if the alarm is tripped, and you can view live-stream camera feed from your phone.

Think Smart For You and Your Home.