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Pack the sun in your bag for endless power

SolarMonkey AdventurerEver found yourself on a hike, maybe on a camping  trip or even at home with no power
and your favourite electronic device’s battery is dead? With no electricity to give your
devices the needed jolt to get up and running, what can you do?

The answer is above your head….. way above. Solar panels are becoming very popular on
top of buildings large and small, but are way too big to carry on your hike… until now.
There are a wide-range of personal sized solar charges/power storage devices on the
market. They offer a great solution to those who may love the great outdoors, but
still want to bring a little bit of technology along with them. Here are four chargers
that will keep you turned on when you’re off the grid.

Bushnell’s Bear Grylls Solar Wrap
Compact, lightweight solar roll with integrated high capacity li-ion battery to charge your smartphone, MP3 player, e-reader or digital camera. Battery charges from a USB power source in 4-hours or 10-hours using the sun

SolarMonkey Adventurer
The solarmonkey adventurer is a slimline, compact 2-panel solar charger with a 2500mAh internal lithium polymer battery, great for iPhones, iPads, iPods, mobile phones e-readers, etc.

Goal Zero 11800 Nomad 7
The Nomad 7 delivers an ultra-compact yet powerful solar panel that enables you to charge your handheld devices directly from its USB and 12 Volt DC charging ports. Chain multiple Nomad 7 v2 for more power. Not compatible with tablets like iPad.

Instapark Mercury 10
Weighing less than one pound, this high-efficiency solar panel with foldable design offers excellent portability, ideal for emergency preparedness, backpacking, camping and other outdoor activities. Built-in dual USB charging ports for directly plugging in iPhone, iPad and other USB compatible mobile devices.