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What is the “Gadget” of 2011? Everyone is Talking Tablets


Tablets are more than high-tech eye candy. They have taken the best of today’s devices,
such as notebooks, smart phones and game consoles, and packaged it into one sleek gadget.

5 reasons tablets have taken off as the must-have tech-tool of recent history.

It’s Portable
Allows for a mobile workflow like editing/proofing a document, reviewing graphic details missed on a smaller phone screen; unlike your laptop, it is much lighter and has a longer battery life.

It’s Accessible
Wi-Fi and cellular technology allows you to access your email, files, presentations etc. anywhere there is cellular availability or a “hotspot”.

It’s Fun
Easily and comfortably browse the Internet, watch your favourite movies/television shows and play games without compromising screen size. Pure enjoyment!

It’s Connected
Adding to your business arsenal, tablets are one more tool that can link up to your desk computer, laptop and smart phone, making the mobile office even more mobile.

It’s Affordable
Tablets are relatively inexpensive for a brand new technology.

Which one is made for you?

Many techies are calling 2011 the Year of the Tablet. Four of the more talked about are: Apple iPad 2, Motorola Xoom, HP TouchPad, and BlackBerry PlayBook. So how do you go about figuring out which tablet is right for you?

From a hardware standpoint, each tablet is fairly comparable; each brings something they can call their own to the table. So what separates the apples from the oranges? The operating system and app market.

The iPad 2 and iOS clearly leads in this area over the competition. There are over 65,000 iPad specific apps available on the iTunes App Store. As well, iPad can run almost every app available in the store (over 300,000). Of course, if you have an iPhone, the addition of an iPad is a “no brainer”.

If you are a BlackBerry fan or a Motorolla owner, then the Playbook or Xoom may be a good companion to your smart phone. Just keep in mind Android and BlackBerry apps number in the hundreds, not hundreds of thousands.

The bottom line – shop around, do your research and pick the best tablet for you. Remember, this is not a toy; it is an entertainment and productivity tool and it needs to fit your lifestyle and business model.