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Like most people, you probably empty your mailbox at your front door or hallway every day. Then you sort your mail, recycle some and keep the rest, probably in just 3-4 piles.
But do you use your computer mailbox the same way? If you are like most people, probably not.

Here are three easy steps to a more organized, and less crowded computer inbox!

Step 1:  Set-up for folders
Create mail folders for each key area, but keep it to a minimum – up to 5 main folders:
Business/Work, Personal, Delete, Saved Info or Archive, To Do/Action

Step 2:  Sort your mail
When you check your email, sort messages immediately into the different folders. This will make it easier to answer your messages, prioritize, and save key information.

Step 3:  Empty your inbox
Empty your email box, like you’d empty your home-mailbox.
Start with deleting messages that sit around for more than 6 weeks. You might risk losing something, but it cannot be too important if you have not needed it for over 6 weeks.
Scroll down your remaining emails, review and sort them into your folders. Once you get into the habit of sorting, you’ll get faster at it and better at knowing what to keep, and what to delete.

Try it, you will feel good!