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Walking your way to a better you!

Walking is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to improve your fitness level. It can be done indoors or outdoors, and can be tailored to your own abilities and goals. Before starting a walking program, check with your doctor if you have a chronic medical condition or a recent injury. Invest in good shoes. These are the only … <entire article…>

People walking on the boardwalk

Team Building at Summer Camp: We’re all in this Together!

Everyone in today’s business world needs to know how to work in a team. There’s no  better way to teach team building and trust than at summer camp. The social interaction that takes place at camp is based on teamwork and life at camp is an experience in community living rather than individualism. For children and youth of all ages, … <entire article…>

You Ask… You Answer.

Congratulations to Nina Parks, the winner of our question from the February/March issue. Kingston Road was completed in 1817. It joined Toronto (then called York) to Kingston. It was built as a post road for delivering mail on rigid schedules. You Asked… I have noticed many places in the Beaches with the name Ashbridge. Where did the name come from? … <entire article…>

Listening to your Customers through Surveys

Doing an Online Survey has never been easier. Find out what’s really on your customers’ minds. People tend to be polite and prefer not say things negative in front of you unless there’s a very big problem. But in an anonymous survey, they’re more likely to tell you want they think. For the same reason, most will give you a … <entire article…>

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Here Comes the Bride – 10 Wedding Movies …

As we head into the wedding season, here are some movies to help alleviate some of your stresses as you yourself may be organizing your own. After watching some of these films, you might just realize that your plans aren’t so crazy after all. So cozy up with your partner, pop some corn and have a great date night… you … <entire article…>

Fashion Trends You Can Use

Toronto Fashion Week in March led us into this season’s spring fashion trends.  You may think you can’t keep up with the latest in women’s or men’s styles, but everyone can find something that suits their personality. Here are some hot new trends. Check out how you might make them work for you.   Today’s Fashion Trend Making it work … <entire article…>

Orange pants, patterned pants, funky shoes

Wardrobe Renovations – Open your closet before your wallet

Before you head out to hunt for new pieces for your spring wardrobe, renovate it first. Decide what you are going to keep, recycle or enjoy once more. Clean up your closet and storage areas. If clothes and shoes are showing too much wear, let them go. It’s too easy to stuff old, ill-fitting underwear and lingerie in drawers.  Make … <entire article…>

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Smoothies – Drinks of Champions!

It is no wonder that smoothies have become so popular lately!  A good smoothie can get your morning started with a boost of fruits and vegetables. Or it can be a healthy, filling snack for you and your kids. Seniors who don’t want to cook for themselves or may just not feel like eating find smoothies a great way to fill … <entire article…>

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Easter Celebrations Around the World

Easter traces itself to both Christian and non-Christian roots. Although Easter is one of the most important celebrations for Christians, it also comes at a time in the year where cultures around the world have traditionally celebrated the new life/new birth of springtime.   Easter in Eastern Europe and East Central Europe is an enormously important holiday whether those celebrating … <entire article…>

Easter market in Krakow, Poland