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Love and Live… Spring

Enjoy spring during the lovely weeks of April and May. Get out into the sunshine and enjoy those warm spring showers. It’s a great time to plan your garden or your balcony planters for the coming year, clean up your bike, get out the patio furniture and the barbecue. You know it’s spring when: The clear blue sky inspires you … <entire article…>

A field of Trilliums

Persuading with a Kind Heart Arlene Dickinson, television’s beloved businesswoman

For many, Arlene Dickinson is a celebrity, best known as the only female dragon, a venture capitalist on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, now in its sixth season. With an estimated net worth of $80 million, and a packed life as one of Canada’s leading businesswomen, top CEO, self-made millionaire, author, entertainment personality, mother and grandmother, one would wonder if Arlene Dickinson has any “down time”. “I’ve been very … <entire article…>

Dragon out of her dan

Coming, Going and On the Move

Welcome new neighbours Aroma Taste of Middle East – 1966 Queen St. E. Bath City – 974 Kingston Road Beaches Fitness Facility – 1089 Kingston Rd. Ellyn Lilly –  2190 Queen St. E. Hooked – 888 Queen St. E. KEEN – 952 Kingston Rd. Knead Bakery – 929 Kingston Rd. Mac Fab Home – 734 Queen St. E. Mobilicity – … <entire article…>