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Renovating Your Diet

We often feel bombarded with advice about healthy eating, what to eat, what to drink, what’s “good for us”. Many are concerned about diet issues like extra weight, additives in our food, or getting enough nutrition. Perhaps we just need a little renovation in our eating habits which cater to our needs and “budget” – something realistic and achievable. It … <entire article…>

You Ask…You Answer.

Here’s the Answer: Congratulations to Evelyn Beatson, the winner of our question from the February/March issue. Ivan Forrest was the Commission of Parks and Recreation who had retired. He began his 44 year career as an office boy and Glen Manor Ravine was re-named Ivan Forest Gardens after him. This issue’s question: I live on Northern Dancer  Blvd. My friends … <entire article…>

10 Movies That Will Grow On You

In this issue of Beaches|Life, we are celebrating spring with movies about, inspired by, shot on location or simply having in its title – Garden. After a busy day working outside, getting your gardens and yards ready for the warm season ahead, relax on your comfy couch and enjoy these movies.                

Garden Apps

You already do everything with your smartphone – banking, email, internet, shop and even participate in the stock market – so why not garden with it? Here are some high rated apps that could help green your thumbs this season. The Gardening Guide from Mother Earth News This app provides detailed information on growing many major garden crops, including tomatoes, … <entire article…>

Clear Communications is Vital

Clear communication applies to each and every one of us, everywhere, anytime and every day. It doesn’t matter if we are shopping, hanging out with friends, at work or simply spending time at home with family – clear communication is key. And it is crucial towards the success of your business, buying or selling, in-person and online. Here are some … <entire article…>

All in the Family – A Salon and Spa that Delivers Inspiration, Creativity and Serenity

If hairdressing can be found in a person’s DNA, the owner of Salon Fortelli and Spa is proof of it. Not only are Vince Meleca and his 3 brothers all in the hair salon business. but 6 of his 7 uncles have also chosen hairdressing as a career. The company name comes from the Italian word fratelli, meaning brothers, and … <entire article…>

Coming, Going and on the Move

Welcome new neighbours: Baloochi Rugs – 2220A Queen St. E. Beach Pilates – 2305 Queen St. E., Unit 5 Howards – 2060 Queen St. E. Our Cottage – 2099 Queen St. E. Pearle Vision – 1015 Lake Shore Blvd. E. TheraLASE – 1945 Queen St. E. The Waffle Bar – 281 Scarborough Rd. YOGAthletix – 911 Queen St. E. On … <entire article…>