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Every Birthday is a Gift…

Many of us stop looking forward to birthdays after a certain age. But have you ever stopped and wondered why? Being young isn’t all romance, brains, and beauty. (In fact, it’s often more like curfews, exams, and acne.) But like philosopher Napoleon Hill, maybe it’s time we start looking back on the day we celebrate our birth. But, if you’re … <entire article…>

Digging into Spring Colours

Spring has returned with all its life and colour in the form of flowering plants and shrubs. If you have bulbs planted in the fall, they will be one of the first flowers peaking out from the ground. If you haven’t planned that far ahead you can still enjoy a lovely spring bloom by sowing seeds of cool-season flowers or … <entire article…>

Spring Hair Trends

After a very long winter, we are all excited for fresh weather and fresh fashion. If you are ready to update your look, keep reading for some stylin’ hair trends for spring… The ultimate spring hair colour is a soft, multi-tonal look with some bursts of colour for added fun. Ombré also continues to be a top trend, but has … <entire article…>

Before Hopping On Your Bike This Spring

Bike Safety & Traffic Tickets Now that Spring has arrived, many Torontonians are shining and tuning up their bicycles – getting them ready for another season. We are all aware of the traffic laws when it applies to cars, but do you know there are many traffic laws for cyclist as well? Toronto Police are paying closer attention to the … <entire article…>

A Beloved Beaches Tradition Since 1967

Every spring the annual Beaches Lions Club Easter Parade brings Queen Street to life with colour, music, fun and entertainment. The parade was first started in 1967 by the East Toronto Community Association to mark Canada’s Centennial year. In 1973, the Toronto Beaches Lions Club started to take an active role in the organization and supervision of the parade. By … <entire article…>

Poutine: A Canadian Love Story

While Canadians may not be able to take credit for world-class foods like sashimi, guacamole, or lasagna, we do have one dish that we can proudly claim as our own: French fries and cheese curds smothered in gravy – otherwise known as poutine. While its hometown is in dispute to this day, one thing’s for sure. Our country’s much-loved dish … <entire article…>

Spring Clean – Cable Management

Wires and cables are the ugly afterthought of many home offices and entertainment units. By the time you’ve wired up your network, plugged in your lamps, phones, computer equipment and home theatre your floor looks like a rat’s nest. Cables and wires crisscross the floor, clutter your desk and stick out from behind your beloved flat screen tv. It doesn’t … <entire article…>

Winner! Oscar® Challenge 2014

WINNER of this year’s Oscar®challenge is Heather Huber – randomly chosen from the four people who had all the correct predictions. WINNER of personal pick is Cathy Andrew. Both Heather and Cathy have each won a pair of movie passes to the Alliance Cinema in the Beach.

Show Mom Some Love This Mother’s Day and Every Day!

From bringing us into this world to encouraging us to follow our dreams – mom definitely deserves a great, big THANKS. This Mother’s Day, why not get creative to show her how much you care? If mom loves to stop and smell the roses… Rather than bringing her a bouquet of carnations, you may want to surprise her with some perennials … <entire article…>