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Lights OUT! – Post Event Update, Photos & Videos


My Secret Beaches Spot

It’s truly a sign of summer when the lifeguard boats are lined up on the beach ready for a days work. …Ashley P. Do you recognize it? Tell us where the Secret Beaches Spot photo was taken, and you could win two Beach car/window stickers of your choice. Email your answer by July 10 to info@beachesliving.ca. Send us a photo of your … <entire article…>

Talking Dirt with Canada’s Garden Guru

Ask Mark Cullen anything about gardening and he’ll talk about dirt! Canada’s foremost gardening spokesman, a Toronto native with family that goes back five generations in the city, Mark Cullen knows about gardening in Toronto, and across Canada. He started working in the family business, Weall and Cullen, when he was 13 years old. The well-known Toronto gardening company was … <entire article…>

Spring Talk: It’s Short, Sweet and Precious

When we think of spring, we think about fresh air and light breezes, beautiful shades of light green that cover our trees, bright sunshine beaming through thin branches, blossoms of yellow Forsythia along with bright spring flowers poking through the ground, sound of birds, spring water running through creeks and over waterfalls. We also know that this will come and … <entire article…>

A New Look at the Sunshine Vitamin “D”

There was a reason for our grandparents taking a daily dose of “cod liver oil”. The strong, rather unpleasant tasting oil contains almost half of Health Canada’s daily dose of vitamin D. But today, many Canadians are at risk of not getting enough of this important vitamin. There are now, many other options to cod liver oil (although you can … <entire article…>

Spring Coats: We’ve got you covered

Spring is the perfect time to talk about coats! The spring coat is usually a contrast to the winter coat: thinner, more carefree, should be draped, without lots of hardware on the fastenings. Spring temperatures can be just as variable as the winter we’ve had, which is why there are coats for every kind of weather nature throws at us: … <entire article…>

The Myth of “Multi Tasking”

Multi tasking is often considered the ultimate quality of the busy, successful individual. True? How many tasks could one person do at once? Could you find a way to talk on the phone while checking your emails? Write a report while watching television? Check in with a colleague while sorting through paperwork? It’s been proven by scientists that our brains … <entire article…>

A Great Vintage – Movies to Wine About

The only thing better than getting your wine on is doing it while curled up in front of your television with a wine-related movie. Here is a list of some great movies about wine. Some are funny, some sad. Others are dramatic where some are based on fact.  This is one list of movies where you and your friends are … <entire article…>

You Can Judge the Wine by its Label

Wine labels are often beautiful to look at or contain entertaining images and enticing words, “a delightful, robust wine for a warm spring evening on the patio.” But in addition to their appearance, the labels contain a lot of information that help in selecting your wine. If you really want an understanding of what you’re buying, it’s worth learning how … <entire article…>