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“Spring up” your Home

There are several fast and inexpensive ways to do home improvements that brighten and lighten up your home for spring! Paint Spring traditionally evokes a sense of freshness and new beginnings. Whether you rent or own, painting a family room, kitchen or bedroom adds immediate impact at an affordable price. Aqua blues and spring greens are great colours to take … <entire article…>

Fashion for men!

2009 spring fashion trends for men and women are colourful and chic. 5 hot looks for men Vests are making a huge comeback, with or without a suit. Wide pants go with almost any style imaginable. Shorts, long and short, in washed neutrals and new plaids. Casual boat shoes Aviator sunglasses Colour trends for men and women –  Yellow … <entire article…>

Coming, Going and On The Move

Welcome new neighbours Beach Gym – 908 Kingston Rd. Body Map Health & Fitness – 2181 Queen St. E. Close to the Bone – 929 Kingston Rd. Game Stop – 2002 Queen St. E. Night & Day Window Décor – 990 Kingston Rd. Trickle – 1978 Queen St. E. Vi Pei Bistro – 2258 Kingston Rd. On the move Active … <entire article…>

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

Beware of email spam from banks that look like a message for you. Banks don’t usually contact their customers by email. If you get one of these messages, never click the links, or give out your name or password. Delete or report the email to the bank by forwarding the message to phishing@ [name of the bank].com Email spam also … <entire article…>

Fishing for a reason to eat fish

People either like fish or don’t. For those who like eating fish, eat more, but, if you are one of those people who hate fish, try and find a way to get some into your diet. Fish is packed with health benefits. Cooked from fresh or frozen, fish is a great source of protein and most fish provides iodine, important … <entire article…>

You Ask… You Answer.

Beaches|life is often asked questions about the Beaches neighbourhood. Who better to answer them than you, our knowledgeable readers? In each issue we will publish selected questions from our readers for you to answer. In the following issue, we will share the best answers. Our first answer is from Louie C. The reason that some street addresses do not start … <entire article…>

Try before you buy at this spectacular appliance store!

The first thing to know about the Maytag Store is there is more than just the Maytag name inside the store. For anyone who hasn’t bought appliances in awhile, Whirlpool now owns most of the top appliance brands: Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, Inglis, Amana and Maytag. “Try before you buy” is our motto, says Jo Forster, who together with her husband Bill, … <entire article…>

Crossing the finish line for the 22nd time!

Every year for 22 years in rather unpredictable spring weather at the beginning of April, Beaches residents participate in the annual Spring Sprint. Held rain, shine, snow, or sleet, the event was only once delayed a week because of an ice storm! “It’s become a tradition for many families, year after year,” long-time volunteer Joann Knox explains. There is no … <entire article…>

Lighten Up!

Okay, so the economy has slowed down. We get it. We’ve been hearing about it now for months. From the reports in the news, you would expect to find no one in the stores anymore, no one shopping, no one traveling, no one having any fun. But this isn’t what’s happening around our city or in our neighbourhood. Yes, things … <entire article…>